Vani Global

Vani Sharma

Overview :

This is natural eco-friendly disposal made of areca palm sheath. Areca sheath plates are made from the Areca palm (scientific name: Areca Catechu) which is grown in the tropical climate area, This is compostable plates no chemical is used while making. The Areca sheaths are collected from the farm and transported to factories in bundles of 20–22. They are then placed vertically and allowed to dry. With 75% moisture in the sheath, it is placed between the hydraulic press. The pressing has the plate-shaped die in it and plates are pressed with the heat of 90 degree Celsius and the sheath get the shape of the plate. It is die that gives the shape to the plate. The die is available in several shapes like Round, Square, Rectangle, Heart and Oval. The important thing to note here is that, there is NO chemical or any binders used in the manufacturing process. The contents of the plates are as it is what they were in the Areca sheath. This is microwave safe and it is solid product. The brand name is Vani global started in the year of 2016.